So, I’m going to start my new 12 week weight loss program with my doctor officially on Wednesday. In order to lose weight on this program my food choices/amounts are going to be very strict, plus I’ll have to workout for at least 15 minutes a day (which is no problem since I workout 3-5 times a week for an hour or longer). I do not consider this a “fad-diet” because I’m determined to keep following the guidelines even after I’m done with the program. This program encourages you to: eat small portions, eat healthy foods, and workout.

I feel better about this option because I will have my own physician looking after me during this process. I’ll have to check in with him every week in order to: refill my prescriptions, check my measurements/weight, and record my progress. With my occurring medical issues, I feel safer knowing that I have my own doctor watching over me while I’m going through this process. Plus, this is his own personal program that he created!

So, the basis of this change is to get your body into a ketosis state, in a healthy way. You will be eating your daily in take of nutrients everyday and that is it - no more or no less. You are essentially letting your body burn off your fat reserves by letting the fat be used for energy instead of storage. Great, right? I have to warn you though I’ve tried out the diet for 3 days already and I will tell you one thing - it will make you bitchy, andI mean irritable to the extreme. 


Luckily, my boyfriend and I will be doing this program together. He has already lost 10lbs. on his first week! I’m so proud of him!